Sales Information

Sales Information about Signature’s Carpet Finishing in the Manufacturing Process.

Carpet finishing and backing doesn’t sound like an interesting subject, but it is one of the most important aspects of carpet manufacturing, that is often overlooked when carpet is specified. Often it’s listed as one line, on the specifications, as “ActionBac®”.

Finishing the carpet is the final and one of the most important steps in the manufacturing process. Listed below are some of the common carpet terms used in the backing and finishing carpets.

Griege Goods

Griege goods is carpet that has the yarn tufted into the primary back, not has not had the secondary backing applied. Griege goods is usually stored in 12′ (W) x 380′(L) roll sizes.

Finished Goods

This is carpet that is coated with a secondary backing. If it is our inventory, our standard finished roll sizes are 12′ (W) x 125′ (L).

Special Roll Sizes

Signature has the ability of making special roll sizes which minimizes additional waste and/or seams. The special roll sizes requested has to be on the Purchase Order (PO).

Here is how it works. If the average guestroom size is 12’x 27′, you can request 135′ roll sizes (5 x 27′). The mill would make their production rolls at 410′. This would allow for three (3) finished rolls, 135′, 135′ and the balance which will be close to 135′ (+ or -). This will make (14) 27′ cuts, and one balance around 27′. The same goes for the public area carpet, only our Planning and Estimating (P&E) department will determine the roll sizes to go on the PO. Although we will make every effort to ship the roll sizes requested, we generally are able to furnish about 70% sizes requested. We simply cannot guarantee 100%.

Coating and Finishing

This term is used when the secondary back is applied to the Griege Goods.

Facts on Backing

All carpet has a backing system or chemistry that helps keep the tufts in place. Backing systems are made from a variety of materials and also may come with various kinds of protective treatments (such as anti-microbial and anti-stain) or beneficial properties (such as anti-static).

The methods and chemicals used depend upon the performance requirements of the backing and the carpet. These decisions will be based upon the specified performance considerations and the manufacturer’s recommendations. Performance considerations are especially important for demanding environments. It’s important that the specifier identify the highest priority needs for how the carpet will perform, whether that is wear and tear, moisture resistance, heavy foot traffic or staining and spills.

The manufactures’ end use recommendations help determine which product will meet the established performance expectations.

Carpet backing systems contain the following elements: Griege goods, an adhesive and usually a secondary back. The most common systems is when the yarn is secured into the primary backing with synthetic latex, and a secondary back (such as ActionBac) is attached with an adhesive to provide further pile-yarn stability and to add dimensional stability to the carpet. The backing on the carpet affects the life and durability of the entire floor.

Signature is affiliated with some of the best finishing companies in the carpet industry. Using only the finest compounds, they ensure that the backing systems that we specify for our griege goods are applied correctly and to the highest standards.

At Signature, we are proud to offer multiple secondary backing options to optimize the performance and value of your purchase. For all non-public areas, (IE: Guest Rooms) Signature’s standard backing is “ActionBac”. For your public space needs, a High Performance “Unitary ActionBac” protects your investment, ensuring long term appearance retention. When a high performance backing system with moisture barrier is needed, (IE: Healthcare) Signature’s “BioCel Laminate” and “BioCel Cushion” Polyurethane Technologies not only outperform the competition, but are also the most environmentally responsible choice. At 71% Green by Weight, BioCel High Performance Backing Systems enhance both your interior, and natural environments. Whatever the need, Signature has your backing needs covered.


Signature Carpet Backing Systems

ActionBac (AB)

A premium latex compound laminate with ActionBac secondary back.

High Performance Unitary ActionBac (HPAB)

A ultra-premium latex compound laminate with ActionBac secondary back on most public area carpets.


A high-grade blend of commercial unitary and natural rubber with an ActionBac applied. This product is designed for superior tuft bind and delamination properties.

BioCel Laminate (Premier Plus or PAB3)

BioCel Polyurethane moisture barrier pre-coat with BioCel Laminate and a gray 100% post-consumer recycled PET secondary backing. An Eco-Preferred Backing System.

BioCel Cushion

A BioCel Polyurethane moisture barrier pre-coat with BioCel 18 lb. density attached polyurethane cushion and a gray 100% post-consumer recycled PET secondary back. An Eco-Preferred Backing System.

EnviroCel Laminate Plus

EnviroCel moisture resistant pre-coat with revolutionary, patent pending, extruded fiberization adhesion layer that provides increased flexibility and delamination strength, while significantly reducing product weight for ease of transport. An Eco-Preferred Backing System.

EnviroCel Cushion Plus

EnviroCel Polyurethane moisture resistant pre-coat with an 18 lb. density polyurethane cushion that increase flexibility, comfort and buffers for extended wear ability. An Eco-Preferred Backing System.

LXT-18 Attached Cushion

High performance ActionBac with BioCel 18 lb. density attached polyurethane cushion and a gray 100% post-consumer recycled PET secondary back. An Eco-Friendly Backing System.

LXF-24 Attached Cushion

NuBac with BioCel 24 lb. density attached polyurethane cushion and a gray 100% post-consumer recycled PET secondary back. This back is used only with ColorPoint tufted carpet. An Eco-Friendly Backing System.

The attached cushion backs use our BioCel technology. BioCel polyurethane carpet backing combines renewable, reclaimed and recycled materials resulting in a product that is 70% green by weight and contains:

  • Bio-based polymers made from domestically grown soy beans
  • Celeceram®, a highly refined, recovered material from coal combustion
  • The non-woven scrim is made from PET fibers (yarn made from recycled plastic bottles)


Signature Treatment Options


A topical stain release that is foam applied during the coating process.

ScotchGard with Stain Release

A topical stain release and stain blocker that is foam applied during the coating process.


An anti-static treatment that is applied during finishing. This will reduce the static charge to less than 3.5 KV at 70°F / 20% RH.

Signature Secure HR Technologies

A non-chlorinated stain and soil protection for use in all carpeted areas with light, moderate or heavy commercial traffic. Secure has less repellency, but allows for easier removal of stains and soil.