Getting Started

Using your e-mail address and the provided password is necessary to enter the site, even for temporary login until we can set up and account for you.

Select a Pattern

Once you select a pattern, you can do the following:


To-recolour your selected pattern, just select the position of the colour and then form the colour bank of Synlon available colours, select the colour you would like to use to replace the existing colour. Do that for each colour that is shown in the colour bar.


In this program, you are able to e-mail your pattern to anyone. This allows those you are working with to view the colour placement and the specific pattern you have selected.


You can view, print and download your pattern into a room scene by just selecting the room you would like to view the pattern in.


You are able to print the pattern and keep it with your files. (Note: Actual product colours may vary from colours printed on your printer).


You are able to download the pattern to your computer system.

To Locate a Specific Pattern

At the top of the page, enter the specific pattern number that you wish to use. Only that pattern will be populated in the main body of the screen. Click on that pattern and you will be able to view, re-colour, visualize, e-mail, print and download it.

If you want to view only the ColorPoint patterns, enter a ‘Z’ and the system will populate the screen with all the available ColorPoint patterns. For Tapistron, enter a ‘T’ and the system will populate the screen with all the available Tapistron patterns and for Infinity construction, enter an ‘I’ and the system will populate the screen with all the available Infinity patterns.


You can save the patterns you like to your favorites as long as you are logging into the studio with your dedicated, not our temporary, account.

Selection Tree/Tags

You can select from the Selection Tree/Tags to find various patterns based on your specific search.

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