Metro Mats

Sustainable Entryway System


Metro Mat Entryway System


Metro Mat Entryway System

Black Walnut

Metro Mat Entryway System


Metro Mat Entryway System

Dark Green

Metro Mat Entryway System


Metro Mat Entryway System


Metro Mat Entryway System


Metro Mat Entryway System


Metro Mat Entryway System


Metro Mat Entry System

The Metro Mat Sustainable Entryway System reduces maintenance costs, requires fewer cleaning chemicals and prolongs the life of valuable floors. Backed with BioGrip, natural rubber and 100% post-consumer recycled secondary backing, Metro Mats are 40% green by weight. Leading the way to cleaner interiors and a greener environment.

With its anti-slip backing and water-hoarding performance, the Metro Mat System ensures a safe path throughout the walking area. Metro Mats removes large and small particulate dirt, mud, sand and moisture before they have a chance to harm the flooring surface.

Metro Mats are backed with EnviroCel™ polyurethane backing systems for commercial carpet that contain recycled, recovered and renewable materials and are 60% to 70% green by weight. EnviroCel replaces large percentages of the petroleum-based components in its polyurethane chemistry with Argol® polyols made from soybean plants.

EnviroCel also contains Celceram®, a recovered pre-consumer recycled mineral compound that adds to the product’s environmental and performance benefits. BioGrip offers maximum non-skid performance featuring 100% natural rubber and the protective fleece layer is 100% post-consumer recycled material.


Graphic Method: Inlaid
Construction: Needle punch
Face Weight: 52 oz./sq.yd.
Total Weight: 152 oz./sq.yd.
Anti-Static: Yes
Durability: Industrial
Mat Profile: 1/2″ (13mm)

Face Fiber: 100% Solution Dyed UV-Stabilized Polypropylene fiber
Edging: 1-1/2″ (W) x 1/2″ (H) High Profiel Vinyl Border (OSHA Approved PVC)
Backing: EnviroCel – High performance polyurethane backing (60%-70% green by backing weight)
               BioGrip – 100% PET (Recycled fleece layer with non-skid natural rubber)
               Natural/Synthetic Composite Rubber
Testing: Passes – DOC-FF-1-70 (Pill Test)
Sizes: All (Custom shapes are sizes)


The manufacturer warrants five (5) years from the date of the original purchase of this product. It will be subject to the following limitations when installed and maintained as recommended. This warranty is for abrasive wear only and does not cover burns, cuts, gouges, pilling, matting of pile, flattening of the pile pattern, staining, soiling, oiling or fading. Installations must be over firm, flat, clean, smooth, hard surfaces, free of cracks or foreign substances, of wood, concrete or vinyl. If dissatisfied with the performance, the owner must notify the manufacturer and permit the manufacturer to test the mat. Failure is defined as the loss of fiber due to abrasive wear of ten (10) percent of the pile fiber in any given area. If testing shows the mat has lost more than ten (10) percent of its pile fiber, the manufacturer will replace the mat.


Request a Sample

Quality samples of the Metro Mat Entryway System are available upon request. Please contact our Signature corporate offices or one of our state-of-the-art mills to request actual physical carpet samples.