About Us

Signature Hospitality Carpets is a vertically integrated mill in Dalton, Georgia. Our main objective is to offer the hospitality industry quality designs and exceptional service for guest rooms and public area carpet.

As a vertically integrated mill, we provide custom designs, yarn extrusion, tufting, dyeing and coating. With our state-or-the-art tufting equipment, which includes Multi-Level Cut Loop, Infinity Loop, Loop Scroll, Enhanced Loop, Tapistron, ColorTech, ColorPoint, Precision Cut/Uncut, Cut Pile and Cut Pile Graphics, we design and manufacture the best carpet to fit your needs.

Signature has the expertise, experience and equipment required to create products that meet the diverse needs of our industry. We also offer numerous running line carpets for immediate shipments on our stocking products. Many of our customers take advantage of our in-house design staff to create custom designs.

Top quality production, innovative designs and our company wide efforts to make sure that your needs are being met is Signature’s long-term commitment to service the hospitality industry.


Quality Yarns

Signature is committed to quality and the environment with our Synlon Yarn System. Our type 6.0 Solution Dyed Nylon yarn offers high levels of performance and are engineered to provide quality carpets for resilience and wear, soiling and staining resistance.

With our recycling program, Synlon Yarn inserts waste fiber back into production with reduces landfill waste. We offer a wide variety of color selections consisting of solid, barberpole and metallic yarns that will create the perfect atmosphere for any project.

Quality Carpets

Signature specializes in meeting the needs of our customers with our design and manufacturing team collaborating to create carpets of the highest level of performance in the widest range of textures, weights, density and backing.

Not only do we find pattern and color important characteristics — our carpets reduce noise by absorbing sound and provides a thermal resistance reducing heating costs.

Backing Technology

Signature’s carpet incorporates unique carpet backings that bring green technology to hospitality. BioCel™ and EnviroCel™ combines the exceptional performance characteristics of polyurethane carpet backings with an unprecedented degree of environmental sustainability. Our backings are certified to be approximately 50-70% green by weight.

Rapidly Renewable Resources — BioCel and EnviroCel replaces a portion of the petroleum-based polymers necessary to produce polyurethane backing with bio-based polyols made from domestic-grown soybean plants.

Post-Industrial Recovered — BioCel and EnviroCel also contains Celceram™, a highly refined mineral compound.

Post-Consumer Recycled — BioCel and EnviroCel is finished with a secondary backing make for 100% recycled PET reclaimed from plastic drink bottles.

BioCel Qualifies for LEED® — Floor covering products incorporating BioCel contribute to the total building materials requirement for rapidly renewable materials under the Materials and Resources Section of the LEED guidelines.